Join Phil Gerdes, creator of The Profitable Persuasion Method, as interviews guests from all walks of life who, knowingly or not, have used the essence of TPPM to overcome hardship, serve others through connection, and find true value.

Deep dive into the lives of our guests, surface-level conversations that lead to in-depth openness, secrets, missions, and heartfelt stories that have molded them into the successes that they are today.

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Experience the ultimate return on investment for the high-priority relationships in your life. Persuasion, Re-Imagined. Discover the power of “The Profitable Persuasion Method” with Phil Gerdes. The Profitable Persuasion Method offers a dynamic, interactive workshop designed to elevate influence, create stronger connections, increase sales results, and develop high-performing leaders. Transform your team's influence and effectiveness today by bringing Phil Gerdes' expertise to your organization.

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