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For decades, Phil has been a sought-after speaker and consultant. He helps individuals, teams, and companies, large and small, find their pathway to success by sharing his experience, knowledge, and passion.

Phil’s creation of “The Profitable Persuasion Method,” a revolutionary approach to mastering influence, persuasion, and effectiveness, has left participants in awe. This dynamic, interactive method is designed to elevate influence, create stronger connections, increase sales, and develop high-performing leaders.


Phil’s method is not just about strategy; it’s a systematic method anchored by three key pillars that transform how professionals engage with their work, in their lives, and in relationships, making every interaction more impactful and every opportunity more profitable.

The Profitable Persuasion Method is Persuasion Re-Imagined. No matter the industry, business, sports team, or any other group, Phil’s approach to developing the growth of those he works with has enabled him to touch the masses and help them find their way to creating lasting relationships that have propelled success.


Knowing and understanding TPPM has been the development game-changer people have been looking for at all levels. Book Phil Gerdes for your next event and see exactly why so many have been able to level up their skills, drive sales, develop lasting relationships, and reignite personal power through “The Profitable Persuasion Method.”

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Phil has been creating memorable experiences through keynotes, online workshops, in-person workshops, and multi-day events for nearly two decades. The recent development of TPPM has created a demand like never before for Phil to share this unique method throughout multiple industries, as TPPM “simply fits” as the ultimate return on investment for the high-priority relationships in your life. Persuasion, Re-Imagined. If you’d like to book Phil as your next event speaker, inquire about availability below.

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Experience the ultimate return on investment for the high-priority relationships in your life. Persuasion, Re-Imagined. Discover the power of “The Profitable Persuasion Method” with Phil Gerdes. The Profitable Persuasion Method offers a dynamic, interactive workshop designed to elevate influence, create stronger connections, increase sales results, and develop high-performing leaders. Transform your team's influence and effectiveness today by bringing Phil Gerdes' expertise to your organization.

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